Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Show not tell.

Work with a partner to see if you can rewrite one of these  to ‘Show not Tell’
I felt angry.I slammed the door and I threw my bag away and I cry much as i can.

It was a sunny day.My skin was burning and face was red and all of body was burning.

It was cold at the beach: I put my jumper, gloves and scarf on. I was rubbing my hands together and I blew on my hands.
Brainstorm as many different ideas as you can that show that it was cold at the beach.

The wind was so strong and the wind was blew my hair. My body was shake and the sky blackened.

Now try to write a paragraph using these ideas that shows it was cold at the beach, without using the words beach or cold (don't just switch the word cold to another adjective such as freezing as that is still just telling. - Try to show that you are cold. Think about how you are feeling/what you are doing/what you see/hear/feel to help show this.