Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Rosaleen Immersion Assembly

On Monday 16 of October. Pt England school had an immersion assembly and start term 4.

The school theme is Musical Madness. Team 3 is telling a story through music Team 1 is doing music makes you feel happy, Team 2 is making songs with different instruments, Team 3 is telling stories with songs, Team 5 looks how music in movies invoke feelings. Team 4’s topic is about making instruments and creating music. The Team 4 movie was cool and sung  songs and danced. I wanted to learn about music madness, how to play the drum. Because it makes a cool sound. I feel happy because music is like everything in life to me, music makes me happy, when I hear music I love to hear music because it inspired me to sing and dance. Music makes me smile, I love to have fun with music cause it makes my body move when I’m happy.

this week we are learning about musical madness.
Walt: structure and write a recountWalt: use interesting and specific vocabulary 

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